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For me, my first mechanical keyboard was a revelation in typing experience. One that meant I could never go back to cheap OEM rubber domes. If you've got into coffee, you'll know what I mean, instant just does not cut it anymore.

The same thing happened when I ordered my first wooden palm rest, it made such a difference in comfort that I didn't want to go back.

One day, I realised that I could make my own, to the exact size I wanted, from whatever wood I could get my hands on - reclaimed, or sustainably sourced. I then set out on a journey to learn woodworking with traditional hand-tools. As a self-confessing perfectionist, I wanted to keep making them better and better, smoother and smoother.

This little hobby has got a bit out of hand!

Click through the images in the carousel to see how they're made from natural, solid wood.

Why would you need a wrist rest?

A wrist rest can create a more ergonomic typing position for your hands when using a mechanical keyboard. That can increase comfort and relieve strain, but also brings a natural look to your office setup.

“My @openfaas themed wrist rest arrived today! Top quality work from @alexellisuk” - Daniel Houston

The 65-key and 85-key layouts are some of the most popular, but full-size keyboards are also very common. Just pick the right option at checkout.

Why buy from me?

Some people talk about woodworking as an art, but for me it's a craft. I take sustainably sourced or recovered wood and turn it into something beautiful and practical that will probably outlast both of us.

So you'll not only upgrade your typing experience, but you'll support Open Source at the same time.

What are they like?

  • Made primarily from softwood or soft hardwood, they have more give so can be used all day
  • A embossed logo shows your support for open source and glides under your hands
  • Finished to a high standard, they are silky smooth and kind to your hands
  • A traditional finish protects the wood for a long life
  • Made to a custom size to fit your keyboard

The species of wood, final colour and finish (wax, oil or varnish) may vary depending on the stock available at the time. Wood is a natural product, so may have defects, flaws or discolouration. Any holes will be filled or made smooth.


  • 65-68%: 31.5cm
  • Tenkeyless - TKL / 86-87 key: 35.5cm
  • Full size with numberpad: 44cm

If you need a board for a thin keyboard, order Premium Hardwood, so that it can be planed down to thickness.

Sizes may vary by +/- 1.5cm

Premium hardwoods:

You can also request a premium hardwood such as Oak or Beech, these can be supplied up a maximum size of 44cm. Enter your keyboard make and model at the checkout if choosing this option.

Free gift

Every purchase comes with a selection of free stickers to brighten up your laptop.


Currently shipping to UK, Europe and USA.

All packages are sent by tracked or signed-for post with a bonus gift of a selection of stickers. The buyer takes responsibility for any taxes, duties, custom charges or import regulations.

Not got a mechanical keyboard yet?

Moving to a mechanical keyboard is like trying fresh coffee for the first time, when all you've had is instant. The same can be said of making pizza by hand or spending 150 USD on a pair of premium noise-cancelling headphones. I wrote about mechanical keyboards in 2016 and wished I'd had a palm rest back then too.

Cherry MX Red keys are the quietest, Blue keys are the loudest and the Brown keys give a good mix of tactile feel and low noise.

Good starter models are: Filco Majestouch (TKL or full-size), Durgod K320 (TKL) and Epomaker's AKKO 3068 (68-key).

What are people saying?

“Just Received my custom wrist rest! I still believe wood is one of the most eco friendly materials when it is grown for purpose.  Thanks @alexellisuk it is awesome! Bonus stickers too! @openfaas #Kubernetes” Leonidas Kane -

“My @openfaas themed wrist rest arrived today! Top quality work from @alexellisuk” - Daniel Houston - 

“The order has arrived after surviving all the new controls that came with Brexit. A huge thank you for the awesome hand rest, I appreciate it.” Jan

“Love my @openfaas / @inletsdev wrist rest and branded coasters!  Thanks @alexellisuk My desk is now even more serverless” - Alistair Hey 

“Just received my handcrafted wooden wrist rest made by @alexellisuk. Excellent fit and finish” - Iheb - 

@alexellisuk kitted me out with a bunch of new stickers and an awesome wrist rest! Make sure you get your hands on one!” - Tom Withers 

“What a perfect addition to the standing desk @alexellisuk” Michael Cade -

“Where did you get that awesome branding iron from? What grade of sandpaper did you use? This thing is smooth like silk.” Nik Markovic

From Alex Stapleton: "Wow very impressive :) Looks like it will last longer than either of us. Thanks for the stickers!"

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  • A uniquely crafted wooden wrist rest.

  • A uniquely crafted wooden wrist rest.


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