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A couple of freebies and 28% off for Easter

Dear Subscriber,

Today I've got a special offer for you on all of my eBooks of 28% off, and a two freebie editions of my premium subscription-only email newsletter. Have a read of both, let me know if you enjoyed them.

Working for yourself has its own pros and cons. One of the benefits is having more control of your own time, but that can also be a drawback, because it's on you to set limits and remember to take time off over holidays - to renew and recharge.

Fortunately, my wife let me know that it was a holiday this Friday, because I'd gone ahead and scheduled a live stream on a Deep dive into Go with OpenFaaS. If you were looking forward to today's stream, then perhaps you could try the blog post whilst waiting for me to reschedule it? Blog post: A Deep Dive into Golang for OpenFaaS Functions

So onto the offer for Easter

I realise that many of you have at least one of these eBooks already, so feel free to let a friend or colleague know about the offer, or buy them a gift copy.

Between today and Monday (Good Friday and Easter Monday), I'll be giving away 28% off the Premium editions of each of the eBooks which gives you the maximum package - the whole shebang - basically, whatever there is to have, you get it in this tier.

Use code "MATT28" for the discount of 28%

A couple of freebies for you

And as a freebie, I want to offer you a chance to read my last two email updates to sponsors. If you enjoy them, you can get them every week by sponsoring me on GitHub. You don't have to use or love my software to sponsor, it's just a convenient way to manage an email list :)

These are subscriber-only editions, so please do not share them on social media.

Enjoy your long weekend, if your country gives you these days off, if not, then I hope you enjoy this excuse to do a little extra learning and explore technology.

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