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Hi, I'm Alex, the creator of OpenFaaS and author of several independent eBooks.

I don't know about you, but I like learning with hands-on examples. Quite often I'll read blog posts, documentation and get pretty far that way on my own. The unfortunate down-side to that approach is that whatever you read online tends to get out of date very quickly - like my unit testing in Go blog post from 2017 or my content on OpenFaaS from the past 5 years. eBooks give me a chance to put everything in one place - up to date, and to guide you on a journey of learning.

What's in each book?

  • Everyday Go gave me a chance to update all my material, go much deeper and to cover new areas that would be useful at work.

  • Serverless For Everyone Else is designed to get you started writing functions, connecting to databases and writing useful code to automate things. It's the official handbook for OpenFaaS.

  • My Netbooting Workshop is probably the most specialist of the three. Use it to build a private cloud with fast network storage and K3s for scheduling applications. You'll find jump-off points and further exercises to try once it's all working.

Each book has a full contents page and comes with PDF and ePub. Some editions have a video walk-through or workshop to help you see it in action.

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Get an inside look into self-publishing

Perhaps you have them all already, but are curious about writing your own? Have a read of My first eBook launch - results & feedback (10k USD in 27 days) or I wrote a book about Everyday Go to see what it's like to self-publish.

I Check out the store at

I'm not American, so I won't be celebrating Thanksgiving in the same way as my friends in the US, but I am thankful for the support of my customers this year. That includes you.

Have a great weekend and feel free to check out the offers.

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