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Getting to 40k on Serverless For Everyone Else - and a 50 USD upgrade

Hello, you're receiving this email from me (Alex) because you registered for updates on one of my websites or bought a product in the Gumroad store.

I've got an update on sales and self-publishing, but also an offer of a 50 USD upgrade, that I think you should consider.

So far, Serverless For Everyone Else has managed to get up to around 38,500 USD of revenue! That is much more than I had expected given how many people told me that publishing was about building a brand, and not about earning money for your knowledge.

This shows that sometimes, it's worth testing whether people's fears, doubts, rejections and assumptions are really true or just being projected onto the world.

Sharing the performance of the book since launch one year ago

If you'd like to know a bit more about the eBook and self-publishing process, checkout this write-up: I wish I'd self-published sooner

How I extended Gumroad (a closed-source SaaS), to bring you a better offer

Until midnight the 27th Feb, I have a function deployed that checks all sales on the DevOps Pro tier, and automatically upgrades any purchaser up to the complete package. With my video walk-through building, deploying, and monitoring functions with OpenFaaS.

Here's the code if you'd like to have a browse and see how it works:

Here's why I think you should give the book a try:

  • All the examples are in JavaScript with Node.js, so they will work anywhere
  • You can run OpenFaaS using (faasd) on a single low cost VM or Raspberry Pi
  • You get real-world examples along with databases, caches like Redis and detailed explanations on unit testing functions too
  • Then when you want to extend a SaaS like I did with Gumroad, you can: 1) respond to a webhook 2) run a scheduled invocation 3) scrape a webpage on a periodic basis.

Have a great rest of your week and thanks for the support.

You can buy your copy here until midnight Sunday: Serverless For Everyone Else

My eBook on Everyday Go also has a new 49 USD option for folks on lower incomes. Why not build up your skills? The remote job market for Go is red hot at the moment and you may be able to better than you think.



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