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Happy New Year from Alex

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Happy New Year from me!

I wanted to take a quick moment to wish you the best and to share a few of resources with you as we go into the New Year.

My Seven Highlights Of 2021

From independent business, to book recommendations, to Growlab and my newest hobby. I cover a bit of everything with 7 of my highlights.

121 Weekly Updates for Sponsors

My Sponsors Portal for individuals like you and me now has 121 updates since I got access to GitHub Sponsors. You can join and read my book reviews and thoughts on building a business from nothing.

Did you get a Raspberry Pi for Christmas?

A thread with 11 posts covering recommended reading for Raspberry Pis and Kubernetes. Have a browse and see what you fancy trying out.

GopherCon UK 2021: Alex Ellis - Zero to OpenFaas in 60 months

I tell the story of OpenFaaS over the past 60 months through the lens of its contributors. One of them tripled his salary from 60k USD to 180k USD through what he learned working alongside myself on the project.

I still have a few keyboard wrist rests left in the store, so if you're in the UK or Europe, feel free to check them out.

There are still a few of these left.


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50% off Everyday Go for 🦃

Pumpkin Spiced Golang

Free 40 USD discount To Get A Grasp on Functions

Holiday reading, my first code in Go and a new batch of keycaps

👑🇬🇧 Platinum Jubilee Offer and my KubeCon Trip Report

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