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KubeCon, here we come!

It's KubeCon people! If you're going to be in Valencia, please feel free to come and say hi. I'd like to meet you.

So on to the newsletter, I've got some new content for you:

When in Spain: a quick language primer for KubeCon

Learn my top phrases so that you can get around a little better, be more comfortable and keep topped up with caffeine and Jamón.

How to process your data the resilient way with back pressure

I explore why limits are important in a distributed system and how to make sure you don't lose data through a pattern known as "back pressure", along with how OpenFaaS implements it.

And if you are there in person, on Tuesday I'm speaking at Prometheus Day:

How and Why We Rebuilt Auto-scaling in OpenFaaS with Prometheus
, May 17 • 14:05 - 14:35


At the end of my language primer for learning Spanish, the first 50 people will find a discount code for 20% off either Serverless For Everyone Else or Everyday Go.

That'll give you some reading to do between connections, or a way to connect with the event if you're watching virtually, because Kubernetes is written in Go!

You can hear from me every weekend on how I'm building and growing a sustainable business based around Open Source: Subscribe here via GitHub Sponsors. It's also a good way to support tools like k3sup, arkade and openfaas.

Enjoy your weekend,


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