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Let's get a coffee this weekend?

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Let's get a coffee this weekend?

When I first started learning new (to me) technologies like Node.js, Docker and Go, I'd take myself off to a cafe with my laptop. Quite often, I'd learn something (straightforward or maybe more complex), make it a little easier to consume for others by writing it up on my blog.

After a while it became a weekly habit for me and I'll take my wife along too and treat her to a coffee and a cake. She'd usually read one of her books and around an hour and a half later, she'd be ready to go. That meant that I'd need to focus and keep on track. It's surprising what you can do when you set yourself a time limit on a goal.

Now whenever I go to a cafe on my own, it's usually to read a book on marketing or business because now I'm responsible for bringing in my own salary. I've often wondered what the time to drinks ratio is? Have you ever outstayed your welcome??

Back to our coffee. ☕️

I've got us a Pumpkin Spiced Latte because this weekend we're learning what Serverless is all about with my eBook and video "Serverless For Everyone Else":

What we're going to learn

  • What it is and isn't

  • Practical examples of how to use it

  • What it'll cost

  • How to experience its benefits without getting bogged down with Kubernetes

  • What functions look like in Node.js and how to connect them to other systems like Redis and databases

  • Then how to monitor them and build a slick dashboard with Grafana

Until the end of the weekend, you'll get the video package for free when you buy the DevOps Pro tier.

What if you already have Serverless For Everyone Else? If you enjoyed it, please leave a rating on Gumroad ⭐️ and let a friend know about the offer. You can share this Tweet if you like.

As usual, you can also find my other materials on:

Raspberry Pi clusters with K3s

And the most popular eBook of mine so far - Everyday Go - whether it's unit testing, concurrency, building lovely CLIs or getting to grips with Docker and releasing via GitHub Actions. It's packed full of the things I used to learn on my visits to a coffee shop.

Likewise, if you have a copy already, please leave a rating ⭐️

I also wanted to share something completely different with you.

I've been learning woodworking and crafting wooden palm rests for mechanical keyboards, all by hand. You'll see from the testimonials how much the first few customers have enjoyed these. I don't think I could go back to not having one - whether it has the OpenFaaS logo on it and was made in my shed, or whether it was mass produced somewhere.

If you'd like to know more about my open source work and journey as an independent author and developer, you can subscribe for weekly Insider emails via GitHub.

Have a great weekend and thanks for your support!


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