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Live event on Friday - VMs vs Containers vs MicroVMs

Happy Tuesday! You're hearing from me because you bought something in the openfaas store, or subscribed for updates on one of my websites.

This Friday I'll be putting on a Live Event with Richard Case from Weaveworks. We've both spent years working with containers, legacy-style VMs and more recently with Firecracker (MicroVMs).

Attend the show for an overview of use-cases, differences, and some demos that you can even run yourself.

You'll also get a chance to chat with us and ask questions.

Here's a quick preview of the slides I've put together

Linux is table-stakes when it comes to containers and virtualisation

We're also going in depth on what a Linux system is, and how to build them for Firecracker

A quick overview of the session

We're both looking forward to seeing you there!

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Have a good rest of your week, and if you'd like to hear from me every week, try out my Insiders' Program via GitHub Sponsors



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