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Live-streams not to miss and new inlets features

Hi everyone, you're receiving this email because you purchased something from me on Gumroad, or because you subscribed for email updates.

Over the summer holidays, community engagement took a bit of a dip with so many folks on vacation. I hope you enjoyed the sunshine! That said, I paused live-streams over that period and recently started them up again.

Live streams are back!

Coming up over the next week:

Next week:

And from the last couple of weeks:

Free eBook updates for everyone

If you've bought one of my eBooks, thank you for the support. In return, you'll see new editions and revisions of the various eBooks uploaded from time to time as I get feedback from you, and new ideas that I want to cover.

You can now get version 0.9.0 of Serverless For Everyone Else which includes new content on unit testing for OpenFaaS, authentication for Redis, and a new configuration for connecting functions to NATS topics.

New inlets features and community traction

The new subscription is enabled through Gumroad's membership feature and means you can pay month by month or yearly for a discount. This has seen more individual developers sign up for inlets and join the community.

The subscription has enabled me to put more investment into the inlets product, and add observability (o11y) and a new status command and JSON REST endpoint which you can use to query the status of tunnels.

Justin Cormack, CTO @ Docker told me that 90% of Docker Desktop users also use docker-compose, so I wrote up a blog post to show you how you can get ingress and a TLS certificate for any HTTP service running in a docker compose file:

The community is growing - this tour of inlets by a new user named Zespre from Taiwan was a really good overview of everything you can do with the product:

Attentive, community support

If you've bought one of my eBooks, courses or inlets, do join us over on the OpenFaaS Slack where you can chat with me and share with other customers too.

Have a great rest of your week, and do subscribe to my channel on YouTube so that you can get upcoming live streams on the day - or a notification of when the recording is available.


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