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Hi, you're hearing from me because you signed up for updates on one of my websites or maybe you bought something from me in the past.

It's that time of year where we're retreating indoors and digging out the thick jumpers. Let's hope they still fit.

I've not been in touch for a while, but I do email my GitHub Sponsors every week with updates from my open source work, books I'm reading on business and approaches for doing things better like my rapid style of Golang prototyping.

All tiers get these regular insights, but the higher tiers also get access to a portal with everything I've written since 2019 and 20% off all my eBooks.

Spiced Golang - 15 USD off all tiers

So back to the original offer. Since I'm not going to be at KubeCon this year with a very young baby girl (Charlotte is 3 months) and having had my talks rejected again, it seemed best to lay low. I'm sure I will be filled with Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) next week.

Go really changed my career and helped enable me to live independently, even to hire others to work alongside me. If you look at the product page, you will see what topics we cover, and what other developers like yourself are saying about it.

Here's 15 USD off all tiers so that you can give it a chance. Whether that's for your coffee trip this weekend, or for your trip to KubeCon in Detroit next week.

Get the discount

Wooden merchandise

I've had a few orders come in recently for coffee makers and wrist rests. There's new styles and woods available for both.

Feel free to check them out in the store: and drop me a message if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend!



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