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Tomorrow! The Business of Open Source

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow I'll be hosting "The Business of Open Source" with the team at Equinix Metal.

You'll get the kinds of insights you'll need to know if you're considering creating a business around an open source project, or just curious about what options are open to you.

The opening session is an interview with Alexis Richardson, where we'll cover why you may want to start open source, and then models for monetisation - I wish this had been around when I started on this path in late 2016.

We're also covering enterprise sales, along with how SaaS and Open Core can play well with community.

The speakers were hand picked for their stories, and I think you'll take away a lot from it.

You'll be able to ask questions and leave comments throughout the day - or Tweet to @alexellisuk to catch my attention.

If you can't make it on the day or to the start, the rewind button on YouTube will take you where you need to go.

We're starting at lunch time in Europe, morning on the East Coast. Click for more details

Event page:

YouTube link (hit subscribe & remind):

See you there!



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