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Hi, I'm Alex the creator of OpenFaaS 👋

You're receiving this email because you signed up for updates, or have bought something from the OpenFaaS store.

Since you don't have a copy of Serverless For Everyone Else yet, I'm offering a free upgrade to the video workshop edition. That's a saving of 50 USD. I've also got a link for you to a recent blog post explaining OpenFaaS from 20,000 ft.

If you purchase this tier, it'll trigger a workflow in OpenFaaS written in Node.js.

The first function works out whether your purchased tier qualifies and if the promo is still active, the second function emails you using AWS SES. You'll see an attached image of what this looks like.

The code is open source so you can fork it and customise it. If you need to send emails in response to certain events, it could give you a headstart on writing that from scratch.

What do you get?

  • The full eBook in ePub and PDF format

  • A Grafana dashboard to monitor your functions

  • A video walk-through where I show you how to build and monitor functions.

How do you get it?

Buy the DevOps Pro tier before the end of play on Monday.

Not ready to get a copy?

You may find this write-up on what FaaS is by Ivan interesting: "Run Containerized Functions On Your Own Terms"

Have a great weekend,


Check out the DevOps Pro tier


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