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Good morning! You're hearing from me because you bought something in the openfaas store, or subscribed for updates from me on one of my blogs or websites.

You're invited to a live-stream this Friday at 12pm GMT+0, and if that's outside of your usual waking hours, the recording will be available later on the same day. I've also got a 25% off, offer for you for my Raspberry Pi Netbooting workshop (see the end for details)

Martin Woodward is GitHub's Director of Developer Relations. Together we'll be showing you how to build your pocket-sized cloud, using a Raspberry Pi and the faasd project.

I got to know Martin by seeing him replying to people encountering friction with GitHub, and eventually got chatting, and realised that we both have a love for all things Raspberry Pi.

A micro-cloud

Ever since, we've been planning a live stream around Raspberry Pis and the stars have aligned for noon Friday 25th March.

A pocket-sized cloud is a single Raspberry Pi - managed by an API. You can deploy functions, webhook receivers, scheduled tasks and websites to it, remotely, using container images and a CI pipeline like GitHub Actions.

You can get a taste for what I'm talking about if you have a copy of Serverless For Everyone Else or on the blog post Serverless Usecases.

It'd be great to see you there.

We'll be taking questions, talking about use-cases and running through some live demos

This is just one of many live streams planned for 2022.

If you'd like to join me as a guest on one of the shows, send me an email. I'd like to hear from you.

You can get a taste of what they're like by browsing my YouTube channel:

Browse my YouTube channel

What feels like magic?

For me, booting a Raspberry Pi without any storage over the network is entrancing. But it's better than that.

Once the device has been registered on the server with its MAC address or serial number, I can wipe/restore/provision any of the nodes on my network instantly.

Everyone should set this up and try it at least once. And just like all my other workshops and tutorials, you only need one device to get started.

You'll get a video tutorial explaining everything in detail, see live demos and get automation scripts too

Get 25% off until Sunday 27th end of day with code "pocket-cloud"

Check out my Netbooting workshop

How to hear from me every week

Every week I write to my GitHub Sponsors - the emails are made up of news and highlights from my week about what I'm learning and reading. I also cover some of the open source software that I write and include podcasts and recent tutorials.

If you're developing a business idea, want to learn more about marketing, community-build and technical writing, it may worth subscribing to see if you like it on my GitHub Profile.

Thanks for your support and have a great week ahead!


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